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What exactly is available?

The pressure destribution aswell as the polar of the chosen airfoil are available for downloading. Thus airfoils can be compared fast according to their characteristics. Of course they are prepared in a convenient PDF file.

The new download webshop

The new download webshop for HN-airfoils allows you to download the airfoils 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Erverything NEW everything DIFFERENT

We built a new, completely redisgned website, to make the airfoils (with coordinates, polar, pressure distribution etc.), which were developed by Norbert Habe from years of experience, accessible to all pilots and model makers.


HN airfoils overview

Here you have the possibility to chose HN airfoils depending on use and compare with the informative data. A PDF file shows you the airfoil’s pressure distribution and polar.

HN airfoils download

Here you can download your chosen airfoil’s information (shown in HN airfoil overview) with the associated RE- Numbers including the coordinates (profil.dat).

The calculation

The calculation is done with a software developed by Dr. Martin. Hepperle (many thanks !) which gives realistic data. This data differs sometimes considerably from other sofware providers (Profili2). Information about the individual names you will find here.

What is special about HN airfoils

Norbert Habe has calculated and developed more than 1500 airfoils for different custom assignments. The herein contained database is gradually expanded. If you wish to get an airfoil exclusively for your use, contact us directly. We will gladly forward your request to Mr. Norbert Habe.

Suggestions - Advice

Should you discover any mistakes or have suggestions for the website, please contact us. This is the first website of it’s kind and we will gladly follow your input.


To prevent misuse of the HN airfoils a license agreement will be made. You will have to agree to it for private oder commercial use bevor downloading.





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